There is a place Man was Not meant to enter


This place is home for terrible and strange things, lurking in the folds between sleep and dreams. They watch and they wait, looking for the Insomniac to sieze and drag to that terrible realm. One such man, Bernard Sanderson, escaped a cruel and endless servitude to that which lies between sleep. Now, he searches for answers about this mysterious realm, studying ancient manuscripts and learning all that he can about the place known only as Giallo. Follow his adventure as he keeps record of his experiences and studies each week via podcast, taking us on a journey to places most forbidden in a quixotic quest to learn the truth.


What Lies Between Sleep is a weekly audio drama podcast following one man as he slowly descends into an entirely unknown world. Updates every Thursday.

The inaugral episode of the Dreamlights Podcast, Bernard recounts his first fateful encounter with things beyond sleep.