Mundane Excerpt from Dreams and Terror

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Lore

You know I spent a significant amount of time translating stuff that didn’t even have any value to the show whatsoever. I figured I’d put an entry up for you history nerds out there. Enjoy! – Bernard

“April 19th, 1799.

And so it seems that change is indeed upon us. The coup was a success, or at least as far as anyone can say. I am just hearing news of this now, that an artilleryman sits as 1st Consul! Hah! I should think it a poor state of affairs that any Frenchmen be subject to the whims of some power hungry military man. But alas, the revolution may be over, although one can never tell. I should be pleased that such horrors never reached my own land, but then again, perhaps that is an insult to the wealth of my estate. Oh Jacobins! Was my head too poor for you to take off? I jest, of course, but should some historian happen upon this journal, it would be my hope that they did not declare my words ironic.” – Pierre Bouchard