Sketch and Profile: Quareyed

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Lore

King Quareyed, as he’s called, seems to be a big pillar. But there were hints within Pierre’s journal suggesting that Quareyed himself is actually the hall and the pillar is merely a part of his interior. Odd stuff, but then again, everything about Giallo is odd.

Quareyed seems intelligent and reasonable. At least, to a point. Rather than steal away servants, he invites them to join him and offers power. Is this offer genuine, though? Or is it a mere ploy to drag people into his web of influence? I still can’t figure out the rules to Giallo, but these Demiurges seem to follow some kind of archaic and hidden structure. Perhaps since Pierre had not renounced sleep, Quareyed could not steal him away. But that didn’t stop the Pillar from asking the Frenchman to join him, offering power and knowledge in exchange for service.

In the end, Quareyed stole Pierre’s eye, granting him vision of the waking world. Seeing through the Frenchman’s remaining eye as if they were his own. Does he still have that eye, I wonder? Affixed to the center of the pillar, forever seeing? I shudder to think of what happened to Pierre after his own death. But that is a mystery I don’t think I’ll ever solve.