About the Show 


What Lies Between Sleep is a fiction podcast, also known as an Audio Drama, about Bernard Sanderson’s search for secrets and truths about the nature of sleep. Updated weekly, the show follows his in-universe podcast Dreamlights as he reads stories, recounts legends and discovers firsthand what is hidden within the strange world of Giallo. 


Written and Narrated by Andrew Pourciaux.



                                       About Cosmic Canvas Studio


Cosmic Canvas Studio is a podcast production company with one simple goal: Create interesting and fun audio drama podcasts to make you think, laugh or a do a little of both. We’ve been producing podcasts for years now, with What Lies Between Sleep as our most recent release. Our productions can vary, ranging from one-man shows like this one, to fully produced and voice acted podcasts with a diverse range of actors.

If you enjoy What Lies Between Sleep, or are looking for something a little lighter in fare, we’d recommend you check out We’re So Bad At Adventuring at the link below. It’s another free podcast full of fantasy and D&D type humor about two loveable jerks who get swept up in a grand adventure against their will.


A madcap fantasy comedy podcast, We’re So Bad At Adventuring has 4 seasons of hijinx, hilarity and the worst adventurers you have ever seen.

What is an Audio Drama?


You might be wondering just what exactly is an audio drama. You may have heard the word a few times in references to other podcasts, or this may be the first time you’re hearing it. In any case, audio dramas are a form of storytelling that is done through audio. While audio dramas were extremely popular in the times of radio, before television was around, they slowly fell out of popular culture as more visual forms of storytelling began to dominate.

That’s all starting to change now that free podcasts are on the rise. Thanks to the awesome technology of smart phones, anyone anywhere can listen to a podcast about virtually anything. This had led to an exciting new generation of audio dramas, where storytellers can paint vivid tales in the minds of listeners, all without the help of AM or FM frequencies.

While the audio drama podcast movement is still in it’s early stages, people are taking notice. More than a few audio dramas have already made their way to television adapations, all because of their popularity and success! 

If this is your first audio drama podcast and you quite enjoy it, then we would encourage you to go looking for more free podcasts of the same genre to enjoy. There are so many creative ways to tell stories through the podcast medium, all it takes is a little search through our friend Google to find more stories that move and inspire you!